Till startsida


Amanda Herzog


Under 35 Changemaker Award Winner 2024 - Leadership Category

Amanda is a career coach, speaker and advocate for international professionals in Sweden. As an American living in Sweden for the last 8 years, she knows what it takes to adapt to the job market in Sweden. Three years ago, she founded Intertalents in Sweden with a mission to empower foreign-born professionals toward career success in Sweden. 

She is also a consultant for Swedish organizations that need assistance to help integrate international professionals into Swedish professional work culture. She offers lectures, workshops and training for Universities, business developers, local Kommuns, and organizations in Sweden. 

Award Motivation: Amanda is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2024 for her outstanding leadership and significant contributions to empowering international professionals in Sweden, as well as her efforts in fostering their integration into Swedish professional work culture.



Alice Mattsson


Under 35 Changemaker Award Winner 2024 - Sustainability Category

Alice is the founder and CEO of Pharmista Technologies - a diagnostics company with the purpose of developing a reusable pregnancy test through their proprietary, IP-protected platform technology. If successful in this quest, the company plans to expand their technology into other areas, and develop reusable diagnostics for other conditions where the end-user is in need of performing multiple tests to track their health status.

Award Motivation: Alice is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2024 for her dedication to sustainability, demonstrated through her leadership in developing reusable diagnostics to reduce healthcare waste, thereby advancing environmental conservation and resource efficiency in the medical field.



Fábio A. Fiúza Rosa


Under 35 Changemaker Award Winner 2024 - Innovation Category

Fábio holds a double PhD degree in experimental biology and biomedicine from Lund University, Sweden, and Coimbra University, Portugal. During his research career, he developed a strong interest in deciphering how direct cell reprogramming can be used to modulate immune responses. 

Fabio is passionate about entrepreneurship, and a cofounder of 2 biotech startup companies in the field of cancer immunotherapy and direct reprogramming.  He participated in several acceleration programs and business competitions, and co-founded Asgard Therapeutics, a spin-off from Lund University.

Fabio has filed 5 patent applications and received over 15 different scientific and entrepreneurship awards, including selection for Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Science & Healthcare in Europe (2020) and the Maja and Hjalmar Leander Foundation Award for Best PhD thesis in Cancer Research (2022). In 2021, Fabio was appointed Head of Research at Asgard Therapeutics to lead research and development activities and mature cell reprogramming technologies for cancer immunotherapy.

Award Motivation: Fábio is a recipient of the Under 35 Changemaker Award 2024 for his groundbreaking work in immunology, paving the way for novel therapeutic approaches targeting cancer through personalized antitumor immunity, while also demonstrating true entrepreneurship drive.