Till startsida

Thesis in project management trends 

Swedish Project Review can be seen as Sweden's leading temperature meter for project management in large corporates and medium-sized companies. It covers industry-specific key figures, trends and describes areas that need to be improved to enhance the project success rate.The report is published annually by Project Management Institute (PMI) Sweden Chapter in partnership with KPMG. This year, PMI SE will collaborate with students and offer a thesis opportunity for bachelor or master students to explore the project management trends identified in 2020.  

The assignment will be conducted remotely under the supervision and coordination of two PMI members. To be noted, PMI supervision is less academic and should not be seen as a substitory to the supervision assigned from the educational institution.

Who are we looking for?

  • Students with interest in project management 

  • Students with an interest in quantitative and qualitative research

  • Medium to advanced publication design skills

  • Advanced presentation and communication skills 

  • Self-driven 

  • Fluent in English (mandatory) and good command of Swedish (optional)

What to do: 

  • You will apply your analytical skills to analyze the survey results conducted among well known companies in Sweden

  • Write and design user-friendly report of maximum 25 pages

  • Present the results of the study to PMI members at local and national conferences

Application process:


About Project Management Institute (PMI) 

PMI is an international network of project management professionals. In Sweden the PMI Chapter is present for over 22 years, and engages young and senior professionals to volunteer for the cause of best practices in project management. PMI Sweden is about bringing added value to the practices and approaches in project management tailored to Swedish context. Swedish Project Review, thus aims to inform project managers practitioners and decision makers on key areas to be prioritized.