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Specification by Example with Gojko Adzic

Gojko demonstrates a living executable document, that is both a specification and a test.

On November 30th the PMI-SE Agile Network in Stockholm had a great evening with Gojko Adzic. Among other things Gojko explained how to move from Water-Scrum-fall to real Agile. Naturally the evening also covered Specification by Example and Executable Living Documents.

The 28 persons in the audience really enjoyed Gojko's lively, entertaining and educating presentation. Thank you Gojko!

If you missed the presentation, or if you would like a more in depth Specification by Example session there is good news: Gojko will hold a workshop at Crisp in Stockholm April 25-26.

Part of the audience listening spellbound.

Part of the audience listening spellbound.

Gojko constantly interacting with the audience.

Gojko is explaining the iteration tax (that you get in Water-Scrum-fall).

Gojko's list of recommended books.