Till startsida

Are you interested in networking with colleague who are also interested in projects and developing their skills as project, program or portfolio managers but missing a local network near you? Or maybe you are interested in a specialist community to talk about a certain area of project management, it could be Agile, PMO's, Branch specific challenges. 


Starting a network group is pretty simple, it requires organizing a meeting room and time as well as ideas about what your group wants to meet about. The topics can be about something the network members are interested in or if they know someone in the area who can lead a seminar or workshop. Otherwise PMI SC can help with finding speakers, topics as well as providing a link to our national network.


Contact your local branch representative and discuss how we can help to get a local network group near you.


East: Jennifer Teodorsson jennifer.teodorsson@pmi-se.org 

North: Jennifer Teodorsson jennifer.teodorsson@pmi-se.org

South: Katarina Strömberg katarina.stromberg@pmi-se.org

West: Martin Hultman martin.hultman@pmi-se.org