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Du vet väl att du som medlem i PMI har fri tillgång till allt material på projectmanagement.com?

Ett exempel på intressant läsning är denna artikel om kognitiv bias som Ian Whittingham har publicerat där.

Listen to What You Cannot See

Stop. Look. Listen. A formula for safety, learned as an infant, when crossing the road. But that three-step process is almost a life lesson in itself, one that any project manager, whether seasoned or novice, can learn from. At its heart is a simple but important imperative: “Pay attention! Your safety depends on it.

Life is full of events that may endanger us. Projects, as a part of (our) life, are no different. But those dangers--or risks, as project managers call them--may not be as easy to detect as the ones lurking unseen around street corners when crossing the road. But we can become aware of their presence if we listen for them with the right kind of attentiveness.

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