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Artificial Intelligence and Project Management 2023 Survey


You are invited! - Du är inbjuden! - Você está convidado! PMI Sweden and PMI Rio de Janeiro ramps up the quest to investigate where the project management community is heading in Artificial intelligence.

This by adding demographic, countries and more in depth and critical questions. The goal is to have at least 800 respondents globally and every answer counts in unfolding how AI will impact everyday lives as project managers. 

Take the survey! it only takes 5-10 minutes to make an impact https://cutt.ly/nwq3tzU9

Report from October 2022 https://cutt.ly/mwq3ynpZ

Announcement about the follow-up  AI in Project Management continues and what’s included https://cutt.ly/9wq3utMZ

AI implications on project management and has the pandemic sped up the adoption https://cutt.ly/Ywq3ucew