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Artificial Intelligence and Project Management 

2023 Survey



The PMI Global Chapter community thanks YOU!

Today PMI's Global Chapter Team is celebrating the amazing response to our survey ’AI in Project Management’. A whopping 2,250 respondents from around the world have made their voices heard about how they think this very important technology will disrupt the way of working in project management. Your invaluable contribution to the survey will help us support our members' transformational journey using AI in project management.

The project, which started on a modest scale with PMI Sweden, is now supported by 31 fantastic project managers representing 26 countries globally. This project is exemplary and in the true spirit of PMI's commitment to building a global community. The explosive growth of this initiative is astounding.

Now begins the interesting and fun part of the project, analyzing and drawing conclusions from the answers. Our excellent team of researchers and analysts is ready to tackle this exciting task.

We would like to express our deep appreciation for the great support from
PMI Sweden, Katarina Strömberg, Lucila Dotti PMI Europe, Michelle Brown and Dave Garrett from PMI Global and Cameron McGaughy from Projectmanagement.com.

Again, a big thank you!

Together we can!