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Virtual IKEA Start Right Challenge

Is IKEA your dream workplace? Are you interested in working as a project leader? Would you like to get inspired and try out the role of IKEAs Digital Project Management Office (DPO)?

We invite you to the virtual event with IKEA. We will use the platform Miro to be able to participate in the IKEAs Start Right Challenge! Exciting and fun opportunity for both rising and experienced project leaders!


13:00 - 14:00: Presentation of IKEA and PMI Sweden Chapter Young Professionals and some quick review of Miro. 

14:00 - 16:00: The Start Right Challenge

Start Right Challenge:

The Start Right is a new part of IKEAs project quality assurance model in the form of a close room session where IKEAs project leaders defend their project initiatives or PIDs (Project Initiation Documents) in front of the DPO panel. The principal objective of the PID is to secure the quality of the initiative approach, plan and surrounding conditions in an early state, thereby securing the foundation for the initiative execution and expected outcome.

Listen to PMI Sweden`s Experience Project Management podcast episode #3 with Farzin Saber: Are you the future project leader at IKEA? to learn more about the Start Right Challenge process and tips for a successful Start Right Challenge.

Your Task (if you are selected):

  • Before the scheduled event: Study the PID that is a real project although altered a bit and further information and prepare challenge questions (sample PID with information will be emailed to you on the 14th February).

  • During the Start Right Challenge on the 17th February  

  • Actively participate in the Challenge DPO Panel consisting of other selected PMI Sweden members. 

  • Challenge the PID presented to you by IKEAs project leaders, with sharp questions – discussions are expected to be kept good spirited, fair, helpful, and professional so no personal offence is taken by any participant.

Limited places and selection

This event is open only for assigned IKEAs project leaders and PMI Sweden members: students, young professionals and senior project managers are welcome to apply. Only 12 PMI Sweden members will be selected. To be selected you must submit this application by latest 12th February and fulfil the following requirements: 

  • People that have signed up for the first event will be guaranteed a spot this time.  

  • Study or be graduate of project management/business related degree. 

  • and/or have at least 2 years of project management experience within IT sector.


Plats: Online
Språk: English
När: 2021-02-17 (kl 13:00-16:00)Lägg till i din kalender

Typ: Företagsbesök
Kostnad: Gratis
Avbokningsbar: Nej
Antal bokade : 12/12 (12 st i kö)

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