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Talk around the Clock Charity Conference - PMI Chapters Collaboration

Book your seat at the “Talk around the Clock” virtual Charity conference! We help UNICEF bring aid to Türkiye (Turkey).

PMI Sweden Chapter is proudly a collaboration partner of the Talk around the Clock Charity conference and we welcome our members and followers to attend. 

Some of the world's finest speakers in project management await you. They speak pro bono for a common purpose: Delivering Value to the People.

February 6, 2023:  Türkiye* and Syria got shattered by a major earthquake. We watched devastating news with a broken heart: Destroyed cities, thousands of people under the rubble, and multiple innocent victims, among them many children. 

The PMI Ukraine Chapter initiated the Talk around the Clock conference. Ukrainians apprehend what it means for a nation to endure pain and losses. They asked Oliver F. Lehmann from Germany for help, who was one of the organizers of the 1st Talk around the Clock event in 2022, and together, they formed the project team for this event.

The Talk around the Clock virtual conference crowdfunds money for the friends in  Türkiye.  As Ukraine received support to overcome the challenges of the war and stay vital, the congress pays it forward and helps Türkiye.

All speakers and other contributors come pro-bono. The full revenue goes to UNICEF's help program, which focuses on the weakest of all victims: The 2.5 million children in need.

For more information about the Program, Speakers and Registration please visit the official Talk around the Clock conference website: talk-around-the-clock.com


Plats: Online
När: 2023-04-14 kl 12:00 - 2023-04-15 kl 12:00Lägg till i din kalender

Typ: Konferens
Kostnad: Gratis