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Ethical dilemmas in Project Management - Small Sins Allowed and Line of Impunity

Many times, projects face ethical issues where policies or agreements are abandoned. Furthermore, in several cases, Project Managers have to take actions to accommodate various stakeholders. The line between what is morally wrong or right are really thin and varies where in the organisation we are acting. In this workshop, Alicia Medina will present the essence of the book “Small Sins Allowed and the Line of Impunity” that she co-authored with Dr. Eduardo Lopez from Belmont University (Nashville-USA) where the two concepts are presented and explained in relation to different project related ethical issues. The project at the new Karolinska Institutet is one of example of projects with ethical dilemas.

In the workshop following the initial presentation, the participants will have the opportunity of an open discussion where they can share their ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas will be discussed and analysed together in the groups. Small Sins Allowed is defined as a subjective mental model that establishes the level of a certain behaviors above which adherence to ethical standards is expected. The Line of Impunity refers to the idea that certain ranks or positions in the hierarchy entitle prerogatives or advantages, and that the power granted at those levels transcends the limits of control or law enforcement. 

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Ort: Huskvarna
Plats: Husqvarna AB, Drottninggatan 2, Huskvarna (Föranmälan krävs för registrering hos receptionen)
När: 2019-05-09 (kl 16:30-19:00)Lägg till i din kalender

Typ: Seminarium
Kostnad: Gratis
Avbokningsbar: Nej
Antal bokade : 6/20

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