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Digital Rhetoric

How would you answer the following questions?

“What do we need to think about to maintain motivation in the digital meeting?” 

“How to lead and collaborate in our new normal?”

Project Management Institute – Sweden (PMI-SE) is organizing a webinar on digital rhetoric to help you answer these!

The webinar gives you an overall insight into what digital rhetoric in the meetings are, what the difference are between physical and digital rhetoric, and what learnings from this field we can apply to our daily role in the digital hybrid market. You will get reflection exercises and concrete tools on how to become more aware of your digital rhetoric and what to do and avoid. Various scenarios will also be discussed.

Participating in the webinar is suitable both for individuals who want to develop their own presentation development in digital contexts, as well as for companies that want to be more present and competent in their digital rhetoric for the entire staff and thereby increase the number of effective digital meetings. This webinar is aimed at both students and professionals in private and public organizations, where hybrid tasks and meetings are increasingly part of your approach.

The content of this webinar has undergone three presentations for assessment and feedback from contact persons in the field of rhetoric and active contacts in PMI. 

About the Speaker:



Evelynn Kronqvist is 27 years old and based in Landskrona, Skåne Sweden. She has recently moved back home from London and has, since her homecoming, fulfilled the project of putting together this course.

Evelynn’s interest is to work preventively with leadership and organisational strategies. She enjoys working systematically, to understand and analyse potential goals, needs, and difficulties you and your organisations might have, to find strategic and coaching approaches that lead to sustainable solutions and stronger teams. 

She also has a passion in cross-border communication and collaboration between all parties to create efficiency and organization, and that is one of the reasons of her putting together this course after her months in London. 

The focus in her life at the moment is to find a new job that gives her the opportunity to grow, move to another apartment and move forward in her creations and knowledge around the field of digital rhetoric and coaching.


For those of you who are interested, you are welcome to, after the webinar, contact Evelynn to immerse yourself more in one of the areas that the webinar deals with. She offers options in individual training or company training depending on whether you want to increase your own skills or want to equip the entire team.

Her contact details are as follows:

Email: ev.kronqvist@gmail.com
Linked: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evelynn-kronqvist-6294841a0/


Plats: Online
Språk: English
När: 2022-08-09 (kl 18:00-19:30)Lägg till i din kalender

Typ: Webinar
Kostnad: Gratis
Avbokningsbar: Nej
Antal bokade : 25/200

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