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Cours Saint Michel 40
B-1040 Brussels
IBAN: BE32 3101 6268 9702

Please always use IBAN and SWIFT to accelerate payment process and avoid additional bank charges.

* Please specify your name with the wire transfer if you are a applying as a new member. If you are a renewing member please indicate your Membership ID number or invoice number

* Please remember that you are also responsible for any applicable bank fees that your financial institution charges to transfer your funds to PMI, including intermediary bank fees if applicable


Behöver din arbetsgivare ett inköpsnummer för att betala PMI avgifter kontaktar du CustomerCare.EMEA@associationhq.com. De kommer att behöva information från dig för att kunna skapa en faktura/ett kvitto beroende på behovet. Följande information behöver du inkludera i mailet:

  1. PMI number, username or email address of candidate:

  2. Billing address & Company name:

  3. Euro invoice or USD invoice:

  4. Purchase order (if needed):

 If payment is made by wire transfer please reference the invoice number that will be provided on the wire transmittal documentation. Please note that you are responsible for all bank fees associated when submitting wire payment.