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Scrum at Nordnet

On November 2nd the PMI-SE Agile Network in Stockholm arranged an evening seminar with Anna Persson, the head of software delivery process at Nordnet Bank AB. 

Anna presented a great talk on the subject "Scrum at Nordnet". PMI-SE says "thank  you Anna for the presentation!". Here is a photo and text with impressions from one of the attendees, Johanna Johansson.

Anna Persson talking about Scrum at Nordnet.


I attended a seminar, one of all the great food for thoughts PMI Provide. A compelling story in how and why to slice a hamburger and how to improve time to market thru an agile organisation, by super pro Anna Persson, Head of delivery Nordnet Bank. The challenges at hand when Anna got in charge 2016 was Prioritisation, Communication and Focus on Why (strategy alignment). Although they by Q3 2017 had increased the frequency of deliveries, challenges remain. Anna points out high focus on continuous improvement as a key to success. My reflection is that changes take time and celebrating the achievements along the way helps to keep the spirit. Keep up the good work Anna and the team, you influence others!