Till startsida

Passion for Projects Congress 2022 is just around the corner. For this there will be a PMI AI survey with focus on the Project Manager and how AI could affect the future role. Is it a threat or an opportunity? Who are better to answer on the possibilities and plans for AI in the corporate and public sector then the PMI members and community who are working hand-on on daily basis with project management? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to be awarded a one-to-one advisory with our expert AI panel. We will have 3 lucky winners of those who take part and answer the AI survey, that will be realeased soon by Nexer.

We now have the full program set for Passion for Projects Congress 2022, May 23-24 at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg. In total there are 43 great speakers with a wide range of interesting topics. Review the full PROGRAM here.

BOOK TICKETS while there still are tickets left. For those that want to attend virtually by link or do not have the opportunity to come to Gothenburg there are Digital Tickets as well. 

If will be so great to see you all! 

Well met,

Passion for Projects Team 2022

Picture: Pexels