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PMI Sweden Chapter hjälper University of Agder med respondenter till studier

University of Agder söker respondenter till två studier som just nu genomförs inom projektledning. Den ena stuiden handlar om produktivitet och välmående, medan den andra studien handlar om agil projektledning. 

Första studien

Invitation to participate in a survey on project work and its implications for the individual workers.

This is a research project on the consequences of project-based working on the individual project workers’ productivity and well-being.
The survey is carried out by a research team of the School of Business and Law of the University of Agder, Kristiansand (Norway). The study, which is fully anonymous, seeks to analyze both the positive and negative consequences of project work for project staff. The results of the study can be used to improve project work practices in companies, by reducing potentially unsustainable project work situations and by supporting a productive project environment. 

We ask for 10 minutes of your time to fill out the web-questionnaire by clicking on the following link:



Andra studien


Background of the study
In recent years, it has been suggested that the agile project management methods are more efficient than the traditional approaches when it comes to achieving project success. The agile methods do, in contrast to the traditional approaches, focus less on initial planning, and attempt to uphold a more flexible scope. For organizations operating in more innovative industries, with high volatility, the agile methods have proven to be suitable solutions for project management. However, even though the agile methods are argued to increase the chances of project success, they do not necessarily always prove to be the most suited methods to apply for all organizations.

To this day, several researches have been conducted regarding traditional and agile project management methods separately. However, there are limited researches on combining tools and techniques from both methods. An interesting topic to explore is whether the agile methods can be applied to some degree, or if it is a matter of binarity, meaning that you can only fully apply one method.