Till startsida

Project management skills are and will continue to be highly appreciated. Youth with this skill set will be more attractive in their professional life, being able to create higher value in any delivery.

Project management is made available to schools and universities through sharing the knowledge and skills as well through mentorship.


For Schools

Support is given based on the target audience; for youth it is mainly provided through hands-on learning experience in smaller assignments governed by the teachers and  mentored by volunteers. 

For teachers, administrators, principals and other school staff, the knowledge is provided through training sessions.


For Universities

Mentorship programs are made available for students who seek professional mentorship during their work, either in graduation projects or even before graduation.

Additionally, internships can be provided for students who seek practice before graduation.

Awareness is raised about PMI, PMI SE and PMI Certifications via information sessions in the format of guest lectures, job fairs and special events.