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The lemon and the loop. An approach to competence management in organisations!

An approach to competence management in organisations!

Rolf Medina, PhD in Project and Programme Management from SKEMA University, has recently published a book: "Managing Project Competence". In the webinar, he will present the highlights from the book. 

The book is based on his research that concluded in a PhD and is written focusing in practical ways about how to acquire new knowledge and skills having projects as learnings arenas.

He will describe different perspectives of competence and how to use those insights in project team to increase the potential of project success. The satisfaction of the project team increases because competence will likely be a central task in the organization having focus on motivating people to develop new competence, promoting a healthy internal mobility, and improving organizational learning. 

The webinar will give new insights into the concept of competence and how, both people and organizations, can be more competitive, innovative, and open to learning. In addition, the participants will get a view on practical tools and advice on how to act in different situations to manage both organizational and individual learning.

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