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Swedish Project Review 2019: Delivering Value Beyond Borders

Did you know that only 16% of all respondents of this year’s Swedish Project Review succeed with the majority of their projects? In a fast paced business landscape, projects are becoming increasingly complex and organizations need the ability to rapidly adapt to new conditions, forced by disruptive technology. For organizations to be successful in the execution of project, program and portfolio management, the Swedish Project Review identifies a number of critical capabilities.

The Swedish Project Review is Sweden's leading index on project related capabilities. It is a collaboration between KPMG Project Advisory and PMI Sweden Chapter, it provides industry-specific benchmarks, points out trends and areas for improvement. This year's report is based on a survey with 380 respondents from almost all sectors and industries. Do you want to learn more about what you and your organization can do to increase the probability of success in your projects and programs? 

The seminar starts at 17:30h and there will be a short break for wraps and beverages.

Isabel Bergling-Olanders (KPMG) and Konstantinos Viglas (PMI) will guide you through the seminar.

City: Göteborg
Location: KPMG, Norra Hamngatan 22, 411 06 Göteborg
When: 2019-06-04 (17:30-19:30)Add to your calendar

Type: Seminarium
Price: Free
Cancellable: No
Max participants: 30
Booking status: 19/30
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