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How to apply Agile Management when you fail?

-" Keeping agile is not difficult, it's tedious. As we practice the principles of Agile management we struggle not with the roles or the methodology, we struggle with ourselves. Creating waterfalls is a simple way to simplify the end result for customers although it always bites us right back later on, we focus on results instead of insights, we jump right in instead working the planning part all the way through. Creating tolerance for failure and learning when you're on a tight deadline from customers is as I believe one critical success factor. I'll tell you our story¨.

Welcome to a PMI-webinar with Niclas Sigholm.
About the speaker:
Niclas  leads a young development company of about 40 employees. He's a civil engineer with a background in infrastructure. Product development and project management are core processes.


Niclas Sigholm

Plats: Webinar
Språk: Engelska
När: 2020-05-28 (kl 19:00-20:00)Lägg till i din kalender

Typ: Webinar
Kostnad: Gratis
Avbokningsbar: Nej
Antal bokade : 34/50

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