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What happens in space no longer stays in space. Sustainability and Global Risk Management in the Space industry.


Space has always fascinated humans From the time hundreds of thousands of years ago when our ancestors began to fantasise about the stars and the planets, to the first time a human walked on the moon in 1969, and to today, when everyday brings new discoveries about galaxies millions and billions of light years away. The overwhelming vastness of space can make it feel like something that doesn’t affect our daily lives here on Earth. But what many of us don’t know or don’t think about is that the rapidly evolving space industry has transformed space from something distant and fascinating to a necessary and integral part of almost everything that happens on our planet.

The space industry, traditionally driven by institutional actors, faces increased competition as new actors enter the market and drive down prices and margins, challenging the industry with new innovative business models. Space is also crucial to managing global challenges, such as climate change, emergency relief, poverty reduction and peacekeeping Space plays a key role in achieving the global sustainability goals

This seminar will focus on the challenges of transforming a Swedish state owned company into a sustainable global player in a rapidly changing and competitive industry. Topics to be addressed are the space industry, change management, sustainable business development and global risk management.

Liisa Kiviloog is Sustainability Manager at the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and Program manager for SSC’s largest technical transformation program.


City: Stockholm
Location: Ludvigsbergsgatan 20, 118 23 Stockholm (Frontit)
When: 2017-09-19 (17:30-19:30)Add to your calendar

Type: Seminarium
Price: Free
Cancellable: No
Participants : 28/40
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