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Mentorship south - Call for mentors

Are you passionate about project management and willing to share your knowledge and experience with other fellows? Sharing is caring. 

Imagine earning PDUs while gaining new knowledge and skills! Mentoring is a two way learning process for both, mentors and mentees. While mentoring you can learn about project management tools and processes used in another industry through your mentee and keep up with changing trends in the profession. You can also develop your own leadership, coaching and communication skills while guiding the mentee. This is a great opportunity to grow as a person and to expand your network and knowledge. 

The program is open to all PMI Swedish Chapter members. 

After the successful mentorship program pilot in Stockholm region, the mentorship program is going to take place in Skåne. (If you would like to read more about the first pilot, please visit the website https://www.pmi-se.org/Kompetens-Projektledning/Mentorskap


What is the mentorship program?

The mentorship program provides an opportunity to mentors and mentees to meet regularly to discuss professional development during six months. During this period, mentors and mentees decide when and where to meet and what should be the meeting agenda. To guarantee success, it is important to set goals and expectations from boths sides at the first meeting.  

Time requirements:

  • A commitment of 12 hours for mentors and 6 hours for mentees in total is required. 

  • At least 4 meetings with the mentee (one hour each).

  • 3 group meetings with PMI Sweden (one for preparation before the program starts, a half-time meeting to follow up the progress of the program and a last meeting once the program is completed to summarize the learning outcomes).

  • For the mentor, six hours of additional work are requested to prepare before the meeting with the mentee and to complete the follow-up tasks. (This work can be formulated based on the initial discussion between the mentor and the mentee. Example: research done by the mentor based on the mentee’s need). 

What is expected from mentors? 

As a mentor you will contribute to the personal and professional development of mentees who are seeking help and guidance in their career. 

Mentors should be motivated and positively engaged in the program. Mentors should have good social skills and be good listeners, open and sincere. The mentor should be prepared for the meetings and should keep the confidentiality of the meetings. 

The program requires commitment and willingness to actively participate and interact with the mentee. From the mentor´s side, the program comprises a total of 12 hours (1h=1 PDU)  divided into individual meetings and group activities. 

How to apply? 

If you would like to become a mentor, please:

  1. (mandatory) Complete and submit your online application: https://forms.gle/ZMBB6EV5YdRVsgJG6 by 26th of August 

  2. (recommended)  Attach a 3 minutes long video in which you introduce yourself and the area of your work/interest to the online application (the matching process will allow the mentees to select their preference of a mentor based on the mentor´s video.) 


The matching process and important dates

The mentorship committee will get back to you before week 36 with the outcome of the selection process. 

The matching process is done by the mentorship committee once the call is closed. The matching between mentor and mentee is based on a first screening of the motivation letters of both mentors and mentees. As a second step, the mentees are given the possibility to watch the mentor´s video and to give a preference. 

The mentorship program is divided in several phases, from application to end of the program. 

  • 16th of July - Call for mentors is officially open

  • 24th of July - Call for mentees is officially open

  • 26th of August - Call for mentees is closed 

  • Extended dealine for mentors 

  • 14th September - Mentors and mentees will be contacted by the organizing committee 

  • 24th of September kick-off event. The meeting aims to explain the mentorship program and to give guidelines as well as to give the opportunity to all participants to mingle and share ideas. 

Dates regarding the half-time seminar and the closing remarks seminar will be given later during the program.  



For inquiries about the program, the application form or any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the mentorship committee members: valentina.siino@pmi-se.org; imran.khurshid@pmi-se.org; 

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