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Emotional Intelligence for Effective Project Leadership - Power Skills Bootcamp 01

The Project Leaders’ ability to recognize how their feelings affect their performance in the project team is crucial for project success. Their leadership needs to exhibit personal competences such as self-assurance, adaptability and optimism during new challenges, setbacks, and conflicts. To help you learn about personal competences, this Power Skills Bootcamp session will train you on two aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI): Self-Awareness and Self-Management. This will help you to lead projects and project teams more effectively.

The 6th Edition of the PMBOK (page. 310) states the following about the importance of EI: “The Project Manager should invest in personal EI by improving inbound (.e.g., self-management and self-awareness) and outbound (e.g., relationship management) competencies. Research suggests that project teams that succeed in developing team EI or become an emotionally competent group are more effective. Additionally, there is reduction in staff turnover.”

Power Skills Bootcamp is a series of interactive and intensive soft skills training sessions designed for rising and experienced project leaders. Organised by PMI Sweden Young Professionals. This session will include exercises to help you assess your current levels of Self-Awareness and Self-Management. Participants will be welcomed to share their experiences with others. 

About the Facilitator: Imran Khurshid is a Learning Designer and Facilitator. He has been certified by the University of Cambridge, UK, and has 6+ years of experience in designing and delivering soft skills training. He has trained professionals on soft skills for various organizations across industries in multiple regions.

Please Note: This Power Skills Bootcamp session will not be recorded in order to create a free and open environment where everyone feels comfortable to actively engage. 


Location: Virtual Power Skills Bootcamp
Language: English
When: 2020-10-01 (17:00-18:00)Add to your calendar

Type: Power Skills Bootcamp
Price: Free
Cancellable: No
Max participants: 25
Booking status: 20/25
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