PMI-SE Newsletter 2021-06-17

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Seminarium | Västerås

Lessons Learned



Webinar |

AI för projektledare - Effektivisera arbetet med ChatGPT



Seminarium | Jönköping

Upptäck möjligheterna med AI och hör om projektet AI Readiness på Science Park



Seminarium | Stockholm

Insights from 40 Years of IT Project Management: Lessons Learned and Best Practices



Seminarium | Uppsala

Insights from 40 Years of IT Project Management: Lessons Learned and Best Practices



Seminarium | Malmö

Projektkontor i teorin och praktiken



Seminarium | Malmö

Hur berörs du som projektledare av de Globala Målen?

Watch the recording of Disciplined Agile with Mark Lines!

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. Yet many organizations are still struggling to clearly improve value delivery for their customers. In this talk Mark Lines explains why agile has struggled in the past and what we can do about it. Go beyond agile rhetoric, agile methods and frameworks and learn how to optimize agility for your situation. There is also a panel discussion with Mark, Klas Skogmar & Richard Svahn moderated by Imran Newaz Khurshid.

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When was the last time you learned with the help of a mentor?

We at PMI Sweden Chapter are quite serious about learning even outside of our regular work. The #Mentorship program offered by the PMI Sweden Chapter enables its members to do so! This program involves project management enthusiasts and professionals in learning about #projectmanagement from mentors. On 1 June 2021 the most recent cohort graduated from the program and they shared their thoughts and experiences as mentors or adepts. We would like to thank them and the organizing team for making this program a success. To participate in the mentorship program, please update your personal profile under "My pages" on

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Happy and safe summer

PMI Sweden Chapter wishes you all a happy and safe summer.


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