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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

Autumn's Mentorship program

Launching soon!

Autumn's Mentorship program will soon start with new activities. We are now planning the autumn events and we will soon publish them. for now watch our new video and visit our website for inspiration and registration of interest already now. 🙂

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Agility and Lifecycle Tailoring in the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition

Meetup Overview and Benefits

In this session, Mike Griffiths, the co-chair of the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition, will answer the why and what of the changes between the 6th and 7th Editions. The session takes a deep dive into selecting and tailoring the project delivery approach to fit not only the business concerns and constraints but also the project attributes and specifics. The session features case studies from Lockheed Martin and others.

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Intermediate results - ’AI in Project Management’ Research project

Are you ready for the Future?

Since the research institute Gartner made the prediction that 80% of PM work will be done by AI in2030 - and ChatGpt 4.0 was launched - the news has revolved around AI. There are threats butalso enormous opportunities! By now, most of us probably realize that AI is an express train thatcannot be stopped. The question is how we use it in the best way for the good of mankind and useit to build a sustainable, equal and fair society. This include how we use AI to run projects.

Why a Chapter led PMI survey?

Most people working in project management have difficulties in relating to the reports from the bigresearch institutes in which industry leaders give their vision for the future including AI. So, wewanted to take a different approach. We wanted to reach out to PMI members and the projectmanagement community who works in projects on daily basis and ask what they think of AI. Byknowing about members’ view and opinion, PMI Chapters can support their members and be athought transformation partner.

Meet the team in the project and the representative of your country on the webpage 'AI in ProjectManagement' Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions orwant to become a team member.

How & When

This survey is a combination of an online questionnaire - that takes 5-10 minutes to answer - andinterviews. We encourage responders to share their experience in AI implementation projects andusing AI tools in their project management work.

The survey started the 1st of June and closes the 30th September. Respondents have beenreached by newsletters from Chapters, PMI Chapter webb pages, Social Media and PMI Global AIpage, and marketing partners.


The result in this article only presents the initial results using Google Forms. No analysis has beenmade at this stage with considerations to demographics, geography or industry. Those analysis willbe done for the final report and presented to those who have taken the survey in December. Thosewho have not taken the survey will have to wait until the report is official in Q1 2024.

Samples of Intermediate Key findings

The main industries represented among the respondents are IT Services 19%, Infrastructure &Construction 9% and Technology 6%.

High = Respondents have on a scale 1-10 answered 6 - 10

Low = Respondents have answered 1 - 4

1500+ project management professionals worldwide at all continents have responded so far. Thistopic really engages the community of all ages.

88% are affiliated to PMI

72% are men - We are looking for more answers from women!

80% are employed and very well educated

88% Thinks that AI will have a BIG Impact on Project Management work - 19% even thinks thehighest impact (10 of 10)

63% say that they have No experience in working in AI projects

37% said they have experience in working in AI projects

Example of AI projects: Predictive maintenance, Autonomous vehicles, RPA and robotics, Energymanagement, Quality and inspection, Supply chain and optimization

73% said they reached the expected results in their AI projects

77% would have managed the project differently - Despite expected results - if they would do it all overagain

64% Thinks that the AI maturity in their organization is LOW

40% Says that the company they work for is building AI competence in the organization, the restdon’t know or said No

  • 16% say that their companies are building AI competence in the organisations, allocating AI’competence to Center of Excellence

  • 19% say that the AI resources are allocated with the projects

67% thinks that the investment in AI training in their companies is Low

Next steps

After the closing of the survey, the project will send the responses (anonymized) for each countryto its Chapter for analysis.

Full analysis of the overall responses will be made 1 October - 30th November and compared towhat the big research institutes says. Additionally, a number of AI specialists will give their opinionin the report on how AI will impact the PM work and community the next 3 years.

The full report and invitation for the presentation of the results will be sent to all the respondents ofthe survey.


Give your PMI Chapter the best prerequisites to support you on your transformation journey andyourself the huge advantage of knowing what’s around the corner and take the survey today!

It only takes 5-10 minutes to secure your spot and receive a badge to show yoursupport for the project.

Marly Nilsson, PMI Sweden






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