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Elgigantens nya jättelager i Jönköping - Hur leds ett gigantiskt byggprojekt med en mängd olika interna och externa intressenter?

Leading Successful Change Projects - Part 2

This webinar is based on a case studie: Ørsted and Novo Nordisk – Implementing Benefits Realisation and Change Management

Are you a manager and would you like to increase the effect of your development portfolio? Or do you as a project manager want to create more value with your projects? This second part of our webinar about benefits realisation and change management will take you one step further towards working with benefits, the change effort, and the classic deliverables together to ensure the creation of value by looking into two cases on the subject. Ørsted, the largest energy company in Denmark, implemented benefits realisation in their IT project management model. You will hear about how it succeeded in realising more value and what Ørsted did to get both managers and project managers to change their way of working. “Implementing the benefits realisation method is a change project where we need to get senior management, managers in the steering committees and employees on board to succeed.” - Kenneth Theilgaard Roslind, Chief Digital Officer at Ørsted Novo Nordisk, a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company, introduced the method to clarify the purpose, benefits and organisational impact of their projects. When introducing this method, they had one important requirement: They wanted their current SAFe delivery engine to remain unchanged and the new methods to build on this framework, and in this case, we will discuss how this was done successfully. “We like that it is a proven method that fits on top of our agile project approach.” - Poul Henning Poulsen, Corporate Vice President, Strategic Quality Development at Novo Nordisk Since the webinar is the second part of the webinar series, and to ensure that everyone can participate, the event starts with a short summary of the first event as well as an introduction to how new knowledge about benefits and change can be used to make better strategic decisions, before we deep dive into the two cases. Ort: Online Språk: English När: 2023-03-29 (kl 08:30-09:30) Typ: Webinar Sista avbokningsdatum: 2023-03-29 Aktivitetsansvarig: Marina Maric

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Thank you to all of you who participated in Passion for Projects Congress 2023

We had 2 intensive days in Stockholm with lectures, workshops and interactive exercises with over 350 participants in total. Most the participants were on site at Space in Stockholm, but we also had over 50 people who participated in our digital event. I hope you got as much out of the congress as I did. It gave me new ways of looking at a meeting. Mostly, how I should arrange a meeting and why. It is important to think about why I should have a meeting, who it is for and what I want to achieve. We received tips on everything from how to arrange the meeting to how to ask questions so that everyone feels included. A special thanks to the project team, Anna, Livia, Marta, Yingying, Martin, Vanitha, Marcus, Bertil, Gosia, Jan-Erik, Oleksandr and Pablo. Hope to see you again in Helsingborg in 2024. Peter Egeland Vice President, Passion for Projects Congress

Future-proof your career

Want to make the career leap from good to great – from valued to indispensable? Consider earning a professional certification. The right certification can enhance your skills, raise your professional stature, and boost your competitiveness in today’s job market. In this post, Sierra Hampton-Simmons offers up three potential certifications for your consideration.

We live in uncertain economic times. Unemployment is at a 50-year low, but lay-offs are spreading across the tech and finance sectors. Inflation seems to be diminishing, but the Fed continues to boost interest rates. Some economic forecasters predict recession, while others see the economy cruising in for a soft landing. Read more:

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We wish you all Happy Easter!






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