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Workshop – hur kommunicerar man projekt till sälj och ledning?



Webinar | Webinar

Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

Kicking off your project has never been so easy

Our working world revolves around projects. And even though project manager may not be your job title, you’ll still be asked to manage projects throughout your career. Learn the fundamental skills to manage projects from start to finish with Kickoff, our new course and tool kit that will guide you through the basics of project management in just 45 minutes. Best of all—it’s free!

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LAST CHANCE | Project of the Year Award Nominations

Honor and recognize your peers and projects with a nomination for the PMI Project of the Year Award, PMI Project Excellence Award, PMI Young Professional Award and more! The 2021 PMI Professional Awards are accepting nominations now through 1 April. You can honor the best of the best in project management when you nominate a project manager, project, or PMO for one of these prestigious awards.

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How yong proffessionals can position themselves

How can young professionals position themselves as the right person for the organization they want to join? Demonstrate how your values align and why that makes you the right fit says Sunil Prashara. And for the seasoned professionals—cultivate a learning mindset. Find a mentor and learn from the leaders around you. Hear more in his interview with Sarder TV.

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Not to fit into the mold

Kat Megas, PMP, is a consensus builder—and she’s not about to change. “I like the fact that I think I have the right answer, but I will always be open to a broader discussion,” says the #cybersecurity for IoT program manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Like many #women, she has a different way of communicating—posing questions and encouraging discussion to bring the team on board. But that doesn’t mean women should be expected to adjust their style to fit some preconceived notion of #leadership. It’s about educating others that this is how women may express something—and it’s no less decisive, Megas said on PMI's #Projectified podcast.

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