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Seminarium | Gothenburg

How AI can revolutionize your business?



Seminarium | Uppsala

Insights from 40 Years of IT Project Management: Lessons Learned and Best Practices



Seminarium | Malmö

Projektkontor i teorin och praktiken



Seminarium | Malmö

Hur berörs du som projektledare av de Globala Målen?

What is citizen development?

Today’s organizations are operating at warp speed. Years’ worth of digital transformation must now be completed in a matter of months. But in the pivot to today’s “new normal,” mission-critical projects—from deploying remote workforces to scaling cloud infrastructure—also demand customized solutions that address niche pain points and automate specific tasks. It’s a tall order that many business leaders feel pressured to handle under a deluge of competing responsibilities. Fortunately, an emerging movement is helping business leaders overcome this obstacle: citizen development. Project managers who understand their teams’ specific needs are increasingly taking on the role of citizen developer, using drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code platforms to build custom apps and bespoke tech solutions. Here's how citizen development can lead to powerful applications that fulfill teams’ particular needs—at the speed business leaders crave and without creating IT bottlenecks.

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Learn more about 2020 PMI Professional Awards Finalist

Energy-giant ATCO partnered with local government officials and infrastructure services provider QuantaServices to upgrade Alberta’s infrastructure with a new CA $1.6 billion high voltage transmission system. The project was completed in just two winters as opposed to three thanks to efficient project management. Along the way, ATCO partnered with indigenous communities to ensure the safety and preservation of land, and left them with an investment they could hand down to future generations.

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Look beyond prescriptive agile frameworks—and get better results, faster.

Learn how to choose the right solution for your situation with our self-paced, online course, Basics of Disciplined Agile. Because true business agility comes from freedom of choice, not frameworks. Your path to mastering agile starts here.

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PMI Sweden Chapter wishes you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!


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