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Företagsbesök | Jönköping

Elgigantens nya jättelager i Jönköping - Hur leds ett gigantiskt byggprojekt med en mängd olika interna och externa intressenter?

How have recent trends and disruptions accelerated your transformation?

At our most recent Global Executive Council meeting, members explored how recent trends and disruptions have acted as a catalyst to expedite change and transformation around the world. Sunil Prashara - President & Chief Executive Officer, PMI shares key takeaways for staying ahead and accelerating your organization into the future.

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Find out how empathy and user feedback has become the new DNA for new product development

Drawing on empathy and user feedback, teams are embedding #inclusion into the DNA of new product development. The result? Whether it’s toys or housing, these are products that speak directly to their target audiences. Take the fashion industry: U.K. design student Monika Dugar created her adaptive apparel line Reset for people living with Parkinson’s disease. Based on research suggesting a link between gait disorders and visual perception, the clothing’s patterns are meant to actively “reset” the brain. Discover more projects that merge #innovation and inclusion.

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Learn how PMI can help you thrive

To adapt to accelerating change, organizations and individuals need to embrace new ways of working, such as citizen development, which uses intuitive platforms that let non-professional coders create apps quickly, securely and with less cost. According to Gartner Research, this low code/no code technology will represent 65% of all app development by 2024. The future of work is coming.

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How are you turning ideas into reality?

Matias Muchnick had a vision when he started NotCo: create plant-based takes on food staples like mayonnaise and milk. But to move from brilliant idea to execution, the Chilean company needed to embrace a project mindset. Giulia Braghieri, head of growth and expansion, says teams turned to agile, tailoring their approach to each product. “There is not a one-size-fits-all, especially for NotCo. It was almost as if each category had to operate in a different way, and having a backbone in project management was essential.” Hear how plants are disrupting the food industry on Projectified®

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