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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

PMP online certification

Due to CORONA, PMI has accelerated the process of offering PMP certification online. It is a 24/7 service that requires you to have a computer with webcam, internet connection and a secluded room or quiet area. However, you still have to make an appointment. So now you can not only take PMI-ACP, and CAPM online, but also PMP! For more info on this and answers to questions: For more information on how PMI handles COVID see: #PMI #PMP

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The Global Hack - The world's most important project portfolio right now?

The Global Hack - The world's most important project portfolio right now? While authorities around the world are keeping people isolated, the internet and social media are boiling. Webinars have never been so popular and are quickly overbooked. More and more meetings and business are taking place digitally. At the same time, a global movement has started. A movement to hack the Corona virus and the global crisis. Richard Svahn about The Global Hack. Global Hack is a global initiative that unites the Hack the Crisis movement and 40+ hackathons. Link in the comments! #PMI #TheGlobalHack #coronacrisis

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The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Project Management

In theory, virtual teams allow project managers to build ideal teams without many of the constraints they would otherwise face. For employees, they allow flexibility and freedom to achieve an optimal work-life balance.At the same time, remote project management comes with certain hurdles. While it lets businesses progressively compete in an increasingly globalized society, the real challenge lies in adapting to the new workplace—which is essential now more than ever as virtual teams become more essential.  Mudasir Iqbal, a consultant and trainer in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan shares some of the benefits and challenges of remote project management.

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