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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

Still a bit "Svenglish"

Unfortunately we still have a few Swedish words or sentences in the English newsletter but we work on improvements.

There is a lot of activities happening in November, so besides the next 4 coming activities that the newsletter picks up automatically under the chapter "aktuella aktiviteter" below we highlight a few more for you. Even if some are described in Swedish only, if you decided to join the meetings will accommodate your need of English language. So don't stay outside, just pop up there.

Help with a Brasilian research project

It is an investigation for an academic research on Project Management and Organizational Learning as part of a MSc degree in Information Systems and Knowledge Management. Asking for your help in support to the Brasilian PMI chapter in the survey. It takes up to 10 minutes only to complete the survey. The link to the survey in English is:

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New International Network in South Sweden

The new International Network in the South is for anyone who wants to take part in English speaking meetings and events. The aim is to welcome and promote PM and PMI to a growing international crowd, as well as Swedes who want to expand their international network. The first meeting has taken place in October with an introduction and brainstorming session for future activities. Keep an eye out for interesting events and casual afterwork meetings.

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Activity in Malmö: Afterwork 22/11

No expectations, just register, show-up and mingle!

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Activity in Stockholm: Network East gathering 23/11

This network focuses on topics around project management office. This time resource handling will be the topic of the meeting.

If you want to share your experiences contact Frederik Lagerström (, otherwise you come and listen and discuss. But don't forget to sign-up, limited number of seats.

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Activity in Stockholm: Seminar Specification by Example 30/11

Be aware that registration is for members only until 2017-11-17, but will open for non-members after that.

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