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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

First Time Managing A Big Project?

Not everyone is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), but virtually every workplace professional manages projects—whether big or small—at some point in their career. The unfortunate truth is that even if you don’t carry the title “project manager,” professionals of all backgrounds are frequently expected to successfully manage projects on time and within budget. Indeed, project management isn’t just for project managers. Particularly for those thrust into this demanding role with higher visibility or higher budget projects, the thought of managing them without the traditional project management background can be more than a little intimidating. Indeed, those without formal training are most likely to fall victim to these five tragic newbie project manager mistakes. Steer Clear Of These 5 Tragic Mistakes.

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Out of the Box Video Series April Episode 1: Jump into Any Project Now with Kickoff

Regardless of your role, you’ve probably been asked to lead a project—and Kickoff can help. The free, 45-minute course and toolkit guides learners through the basics of project management to effectively launch projects from start to finish, on time, and within budget.

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Hybrid Working & The Future of Corporate Office Design

COVID has forever changed how—and where—we work. Some people are returning to the office, while others remain remote and others adopt a hybrid style. Now it’s up to designers to reimagine workplaces to not just be safe—hello, touchless tech—but also serve as hubs for #collaboration and #innovation, no matter where people are. “The future of the office is going to be really dynamic with work and place being uncoupled,” said Todd Heiser, Gensler Chicago. “New behaviors, technology and policies really are going to be required to allow flexible and virtual work to thrive,” he said on our #Projectified podcast

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What is Organizational Transformation?

Project professionals are leading transformation worldwide. Help your organization evolve and grow with the first in our new series of online courses dedicated to teaching project professionals and change makers how to lead effective change, Organizational Transformation: Foundation. You’ll get access to world-class research, case studies, articles, videos, downloadable guides and templates for transformations.

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