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Seminarium | Uppsala

Insights from 40 Years of IT Project Management: Lessons Learned and Best Practices



Seminarium | Malmö

Projektkontor i teorin och praktiken



Seminarium | Malmö

Hur berörs du som projektledare av de Globala Målen?

PMI 2.0 Value Delivery and Changing the Conversation

Listen to a special episode of the PMI Ireland Chapter podcast featuring PMI President and Chief Executive Officer Sunil Prashara and PMI Chairman of the Board Randy Black. This unique interview recorded at the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2019—EMEA in Dublin, Ireland shares the exciting plans for the future of PMI as well as some information on Mr. Black’s and Mr. Prashara’s backgrounds, details on our new CEO’s first 66 days on the job, and much more.

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PMI New Member Welcome Webinar

PMI will guide you to the resources, networks and knowledge that will help advance your career. Through feedback from other members they have found that PMI “New Member Welcome Webinar” helps maximize memberships, and we want members to take advantage of all the ways PMI can help.

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Boost Value at Your Organisation through Portfolio Management

Passa på att boka ett lärorikt seminarium om portföljstyrning den 2019-06-13 i Göteborg

Author of the best-selling business book‘The Business of Portfolio Management – Boosting Organizational Value’as well as other publications. He uses his 30+ year professional and leadership experiences to craft his speaking, training, and mentoring activities.

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PMI Sweden Chapter önskar er en riktigt trevlig nationaldag!


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