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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

FIRST Newsletter in English!

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind ;-)

Just kidding by quoting the first words on moon, but actually we have big ambitions on offering English newsletters to our more and more international community. But please have some patience, now we get just started. Please forgive us the Swedish in some buttons, most of the coming events and also that we mainly repeat the Swedish newsletter initially. But we will look for solutions over time to offer everything in English and we will tailor the content according to relevance. We thought it is better that we get started and evolve than waiting for the perfect solution. Spread the word about it and help us to provide us with good content. You can contact with links, proposed articles etc. If you should have forgotten how to sign-up and need to tell a colleague, press the button!

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New International Network in South Sweden

The new International Network in the South is for anyone who wants to take part in English speaking meetings and events. The aim is to welcome and promote PM and PMI to a growing international crowd, as well as Swedes who want to expand their international network. The first meeting has taken place in October with an introduction and brainstorming session for future activities. Keep an eye out for interesting events and casual afterwork meetings.

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Wanted: Research study participants

Project managers are not the only leaders in projects. Frequently team members take over as temporary leaders, for example, to solve technical issues in areas the project manager is not specialized in. This questions the appropriateness of existing leadership theory and styles for project settings. PMI sponsors a study on the process and circumstances that balances leadership in projects between project managers and team members. You are invited to participate and receive a copy of the results.

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Call for Paper - Passion for Projects 2018

Get involved at Passion For Projects 2018, a PMI Sweden Chapter Congress! March 12-13 2018, Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden

Dear Leader, Manager, Coach, The Call for Papers for the 8th annual PMI Passion For Projects 2018 Congress is now open and the conference committee welcome participants from around the world to attend and share research, knowledge and experiences. Don’t miss your chance to stand up and be heard in front of 500+ delegates representing leading Portfolio, PMO, Program, Project, Agile and Senior Managers, as well as educators, consultants, and customers! This congress is arranged by the Swedish chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and is the largest congress on Program and Project Management and Leadership in Scandinavia, comprising 3 parallel tracks over 1,5 days. This conference, focused solely on all aspects of Program and Project Management and Leadership brings together thought leaders, experts and practitioners of Program, Project and Portfolio Management. The forward-looking, knowledge-packed program combines keynote perspectives, case studies, debates, panels, interactive sessions and networking opportunities that will maximize every participant’s opportunity to network and generate ideas ideas that are relevant and readily applicable. We are looking for new, innovative and exciting material and request that your paper submission covers one of the following topics: Project management, Strategic business management, Program & portfolio management, Leadership and Agile development practices as well as topics that are preferable aligned, but not limited to the congress theme ”Organizational Agility”. Selected seminar speakers will be given 45 minutes to inspire up to 300 attendees. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 17th , 2017. Please feel free to email any questions you may have regarding your submission or the submission process to: Kent-Ove Mellberg, Chair Program Committee, (

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