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Mentorship Program Autumn 2024 Introduction

25th Anniversary Celebration

Join Us for PMI Sweden Chapter's 25th Anniversary Celebration on September 12th

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone – PMI Sweden Chapter's 25th Anniversary! We're bringing together professionals for an exceptional hybrid meeting, uniting us in Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, and online. Prepare to be inspired by our guest speaker, Eva Svärd, as she shares insights that will ignite your passion for leadership. Following her talk, seize the opportunity to network with fellow professionals . Choose the calendar booking option based on your preference: Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, or Online.

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The Hybrid Work Environment Is Here to Stay

Communications Management, Talent Management

Project teams and project managers are faced with a new challenge that is here to stay: a hybrid work environment. The pre-pandemic model had teams mostly co-located, while during the pandemic teams were fully distributed; now teams are a little of both, creating challenges for the project manager both in delivering projects and keeping their teams motivated and working in the right direction. Even worse, it can create friction that didn’t exist before; team members who are located together may have different information, different relationships, or different team norms than the rest of the team.

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Are You our new Director of Membership Care?

We in PMI Sweden Chapter have an ambition to deliver our members with the best possible value. And Customer Support is the cornerstone of Customer Satisfaction. 


What You will be doing?

  • Study Analytical tools and working with data to define optimal personalization criteria (location, industry, age etc)

  • Extracting data from member databases and prepare datasets 

  • Creating personalized push communication (welcoming new members, reaching out to idling ones with offers and deals etc).

  • Peplying members inquiries through


Personality traits we are looking for:

Responsiveness and servant mindset - you will be serving as a face of PMI Sweden when members need support.

Data/Excel literacy - You will be required to work with datasets, so it is expected that You will not be afraid to use filters and group functions. No worries, we recently launched a new BI tool, and it is very user friendly.

Eye for details and analytical mindset - it is important to be able to analyze how different methods/forms of communication are having an impact on members' engagement.


Estimated workload: 1-2 hours/week.


This is a great opportunity to engage into the PMI community and gain project management and analytical skills. You are very welcome to contact me at


Oleksandr Khimiak

VP Membership PMI Sweden Chapter





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