PMI Volunteer of the Year and Passion for Projects 2023

Volunteer news and information January 2023

First of all the volunteer managment team and the board of directors appriciate all your efforts to the growth and engegment in the project managment community and PMI Sweden Chapter. Thanks you all!

In this newletter there is information about volunteer of the year nomination and the activities around Passion for Projects Congres.

Voulonteer of the year

Each year the board of directors, based upon nominations form the community, appoint a Volunteer of the Year. The award is given to the individual or team that have effortlessly contributed to move PMI-SE and project management as a profession forward.

Use this link for your nomination:

Passion for Projects Congress in Stockholm 13-14/3

As a volunteer in the Swedish Chapter your are able to attend the Congress free of charge. What we ask from you in return is a bit of help during the Congress: for example a few presentation of speakers, support the congress project team. It's not a great task, and you have plenty of time to interact and enjoy many interesting presentations. If you register your participation before the 31/8 the evening activites on the 13th is included.

On Sunday the 12th of March Mini-LIM and Speakers Dinner will be held. The registration for these events will soon open.


Johan and Anna

Volunteer Mangment Team

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