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    How does volunteering with PMI go hand in hand with personal development?

  • Call for papers for 2018 Passion for Projects open

    We are looking after new, innovative and exciting material for next years Passion for Projects Congress.

  • Swedens largest network within Project Management

    PMI SE mission is to create conditions for successful and sustainable projects, and to establish project management as a profession.

  • Passion for Projects

    The largest project manager event in northern Europe
    March 12-13 2018


Here you can find upcoming events hosted by PMI sweden chapter. Our events are both hosted in English and Swedish depending on the event, please see event details for language.  



For more news, please see our site in Swedish.

Congrats to New certifications

Mattias Morin PMP 2018-01-10

Olof Dahlin PMP 2018-01-08

Tommy Pedersen  PMP 2018-01-04

Juney Du  PMP 2017-12-22

Alexandra Engström  PMP 2017-12-21

Roger Löfgren  PMP 2017-12-21

Johan Kolm  PMP 2017-12-20

Louise Lundquist  PMP 2017-12-20

Maciej Szymaszek  PMP 2017-12-18

Ing-Marie Andersson  PMI-ACP 2017-12-15

Jonas Rosander  PMP 2017-12-14

Annika Brunberg PMP 2017-12-11 

Sanna Waldowsson PMP 2017-12-11 

Christer Kallin PMP 2017-12-07

Karl Axelsson PMP 2017-12-06

Maria Fransson PMP 2017-12-06

C-G Bodlund PMP 2017-12-04

Pär Lundenmark PMP 2017-12-04

Monika Skora, P.Eng. PMP-RMP 2017-12-04

Fredrik Svensson PMP 2017-12-04

Thomas Wanzelius PMP 2017-12-04

Sune Andersson PMP 2017-12-01

Jens Bremer PMP 2017-12-01

Sara Erkfeldt PMP 2017-12-01

Nicklas Lissollas PMP 2017-12-01

Agneta Meijner PMP 2017-12-01