Volonteers - our biggest asset

PMI SE is an organization with no paid staff, totally dependent on volunteers! We carry out hundreds of exciting and educational networking and competency development activities around Sweden throughout the year.

As a volunteer we try to match your interests with the different roles both locally as well as virtually. 

Interested in Stakeholder Management?  join our sponsor management or marketing group. These volunteer rolls will let you get hands on experience in how to build relationships with different target groups and how to handle the communication and relationships with them.  

Interested in learning new tools or methods? Join the professional development group. Or one of the local events branch focused on finding interesting seminars. 

Want to discuss a specific topic or area with others facing the same issues or questions? Volunteer with the local branch networks who organize these types of forums.

Without our volunteers, would PMI SC be impossible. As a volunteer, you contribute with your time, your skills and your networking. In exchange, you become part of the project development expertise in Sweden, earning PDUs, and get the opportunity to build your professional network.


The work of the PMI SE is organized both locally and nationally. On a local basis to engage in particular for organizing seminars for skills building and networking, nationally contributes at staff level, and which can contribute to both professional development, membership management, marketing / communications, IT and HR issues.

Do you also want to be involved? 

View volunteer opportunities, or write down what you are good at, what you want to develop, what you want to contribute and where you are anywhere geographically and emailing to volunteer in charge! You do not need to be a certified project manager to be a volunteer, it is enough to be a member of Sweden Chapter.